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harga Suction Catheter Steril Nomor 14 Remedi

Suction Catheter Steril Nomor 14 Remedi

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* Smooth Main Tube

* Vacuum Control

* Smooth Tip

* Clear Tube  

* Double Sided Eyes 

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Deskripsi Suction Catheter Steril Nomor 14 Remedi

Available as either as Standard or with Vacuum Control, the Sterile Suction Catheters will connect to Flexicare's Suction Tubing for Oral, Tracheal or Endobronchial suctioning.


Smooth Main Tube

The smooth outer surface facilitates easy insertion through all types of oral and nasal tracheal tubes and tracheostomy tubes.

Vacuum Control

The finger tip port means the user has control over the vacuum level.

Smooth Tip

The rounded tip reduces risk of injury to the patient.

Clear Tube  

Allows clinicians to visualise suctioning of patient.

Double Sided Eyes 

The smooth edges of the side eyes minimise the risk of trauma.


Suctioning: Sterile Technique

Suctioning is a method of removing mucous from the lungs. People with a spinal cord and/or a brain injury may have problems breathing due to congestion. The muscles that help with breathing and coughing may not work well. Suctioning will help keep the airway clear. 

When Should I Suction?

A person should be suctioned when any of the following happens:

  • "Rattling" breathing sounds are heard
  • Mucous bubbles up in the throat or airway tube (trach tube)
  • When a hand placed on the chest can feel a vibration or "rattling" from congestion
  • When the person tells you it is needed (when it is hard to breathe)

Try having the person cough first (or perform an assist cough). Sometimes the person may not need to be suctioned if he/she is able to remove the mucous with a good cough. Please click here for Shepherd Center's DOs and DON'Ts of suctioning.

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