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harga Oxygen Regulator SRYF-86A

Oxygen Regulator SRYF-86A

Berat: 0.5 kg Brand: Nesco SKU: HAC00001

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Flow control range: 1-10L/Min ,1-15L/Min

Input pressure: <15MPa

Output pressure: 0.2 ~ 0.3MPa

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Deskripsi Oxygen Regulator SRYF-86A


ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE, ROHS, SGS



The product has flow control which provide stability

The main part uses the goodness copper and cut with precision digitally controlled lathe.

Lengthening air inlet valve lever, fit for the different capacity of oxygen cylinder

Integrated casting flowmeter

Flow tube, wet cup of high strength polycarbonate plastic body

High temperatured high pressure sterilized humidifier body, to meet European standards for B-Level disinfection.

Polymer High-density filter, wet based uniform


Technical specification:

Flow control range: 1-10L/Min ,1-15L/Min

Input pressure: <15MPa

Output pressure: 0.2 ~ 0.3MPa

The control pressure of safety valve: 0.35-0.05Mpa

Connecting thread: CGA540, CGA870, G5/8 male, G5/8 female, DIN477,G3/4"

(Please refer to our brochure for more detail information)

The flowmeter with humidifier is used in reducing gas pressure and adjusting the gas volume, which rescue patient and treat as oxygen therapy by hospital.Also may make using of other gas reduced pressure and the control flow.

Product main feature:
The product has artistic outlook, and flow control comfortable and stable.
The reductor is adjustable;The structure is unique, and the performance is reliable.
The stainless steel floater and the orange substrate flowmeter have a especially visual effect;
The international standard connect way, is suitable for all kinds of gas bottle installation.

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