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harga Reagen RF Slide 100T/kit

Reagen RF Slide 100T/kit

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Standard Kit contents: May vary depending on format supplied

Latex reagent sufficient for 50/100 slide tests. The latex reagent should be well shaken to ensure homogeneity.

Positive Control. This serum is human positive RA serum. This reagent is ready for use and will give positive results when tested with the RA latex test.

Negative Control. This control is a negative RA control serum. This reagent is ready for use and will give a negative result when tested with the RA latex reagent.

10x Concentrated Glycine Buffer. Add one part to nine parts distilled water before use. On dilution the diluent has a pH between 8.0 and 8.2.

Pipette/ Stirrers

Reusable Agglutination slide.

Kit insert.

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Deskripsi Reagen RF Slide 100T/kit



The RA Latex test kit is for the qualitative and semi-quantitative determination of RA in human serum samples.


For in vitro diagnostic use only

For professional use only

Health and Safety warnings:

All patient samples and reagents should be treated as potentially infectious and the user must wear protective gloves, eye protection and laboratory coats when performing the test.

Non disposable apparatus must be sterilised after use by an appropriate method.

Disposable apparatus must be treated as biohazardous waste and autoclaved or incinerated.

Spillages of potentially infectious material should be absorbed and disposed of as above. The site of spillage must be sterilised with disinfectant or 70% alcohol.

Do not pipette by mouth.

Control reagents contain human serum. The human serum used has been tested and found to be negative for HIV, HCV and HbsAg. Nonetheless the reagent must be treated as potentially infectious and appropriate precautions should be taken when handling and on disposal. The product also contains aqueous buffer salts including sodium azide as preservative- see material safety data sheet

Analytical precautions:

Do not modify the test procedure.

Do not dilute or modify the reagents in any way.

Allow all reagents and samples to reach room temperature (18 - 30ºC) before use.

Do not interchange reagents from different kit batches.

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