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harga Oximeter / SPO2 Zondan Fingertip Type A2 Monokrom

Oximeter / SPO2 Zondan Fingertip Type A2 Monokrom

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Spectro2 30 is capable of storing

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Deskripsi Oximeter / SPO2 Zondan Fingertip Type A2 Monokrom

For neonates and adults
Precise and fast spot-checking
It has three (3) operating modes
Five button keypad for navigating
With Pulse Amplitude Index indicator
Adjustable alarm limits and brightness
Accommodates a wide range of sensors
Ideal for low perfusion and patient motion
Converts handheld to tabletop oximeter with docking station
It only has one display mode
It has no plethysmogram
Spectro2 30 Reviews
Spectro2 30 is dependable and robust handheld oximeter that can continuously monitors the pulse rate and oxygen saturation accurately even during patient motion and low perfusion because it uses the patented BCI Serial Autocorrelation technology. This device is also applicable for monitoring the efficacy of respiratory treatments (sleep screening, analgesics monitoring, at risk patients and sleep screening). It contains three (3) operating modes with audible and visual alarms and the capability to notify through a remote nurse call system to guarantee patient’s wellbeing. A wide range of patients: neonate to adult can use this. Multiple sensors such as BCI and Nellcor sensors are compatible with this oximeter.
Spectro2 30 comes with a large LED display that permits easy viewing of the numeric SpO2 and PR. There are two 9-segment Bargraphs that represents the Pulse strength and Pulse amplitude index. The display brightness can be adjusted and there are different power or battery options available.
Using the docking station, it converts the unit from handheld to tabletop oximeter. Plus, it can be used for recharging the unit and the back-up rechargeable lithium ion battery pack as well as for attaching the optional printer.
Spectro2 30 is capable of storing the trend data for up to 99 patients with 72 hour storage capacity. These data can be printed via the attachable printer or can be transmitted to a PC via USB cable.

Diskusi Oximeter / SPO2 Zondan Fingertip Type A2 Monokrom

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