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harga Patient Monitor Charter Kontron Vitalogik 4000

Patient Monitor Charter Kontron Vitalogik 4000

Berat: 21.2 kg Brand: Charter Kontron SKU: 30000AMS

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including Thermoregulation systems

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Deskripsi Patient Monitor Charter Kontron Vitalogik 4000

Charter Kontron is an innovative provider of a comprehensive range of medical devices and solutions including Thermoregulation systems, Patient Monitoring solutions and Cardiology related products, including haemodynamic, electrophysiology and telemetry systems.

Charter Kontron provide a wide-range sales, service and after-sales support for professional health care organisations and hospitals in the UK and worldwide.
With a broad product range, unsurpassed service and a member of a world wide group Charter Kontron is a leading international supplier offering cutting-edge solutions for clients tailored to meet their specific needs.

Mennen’s central monitoring concept supports full remote viewing and interactivity with up to 16 bedside patient monitors, enabling full viewing and printing of real time and stored information. The Ensemble provides the full range of features that appear on the bedside monitors, including alarms, full disclosure, waveform overview, charts and arrhythmias.

Catering to the special needs of infants undergoing surgery, the Infant ThermoWrap protects the littlest humans when they are at their most vulnerable by providing the ideal tool for precise continuous management of an infant’s body temperature during perioperative procedure. Highly efficient, the Infant Thermo Wrap offers three-dimensional coverage, with a one-piece continuous garment that is designed to wrap around each part of the infant’s body, including the head.

It provides thermal protection where the infant has the highest potential for heat loss. Providing you with the tool to guard babies against temperature related complications that may occur, the Infant Thermo Wrap grants you the optimal ability to maintain the patient at true normothermia (36.5°C - 37.5°C) during all perioperative phases.The Infant ThermoWrap™ is a one-piece garment that facilitates wrapping of individual parts of the body and maximizing surface coverage without interfering with surgical procedure. Designed to fit the infant’s proportions, the garment is comfortable to wear and easy to put on.

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