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harga Neomed Neo Wrist Strong

Neomed Neo Wrist Strong

Berat: 0.4 kg Brand: Neomed SKU: AKB00011

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- Harmless fabric
- Fabric with durable adhesive force

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Deskripsi Neomed Neo Wrist Strong

  • Ergonomic & Anatomical design
    - It is designed ergonomically and anatomically, in order not to be discomfort on the back of Wrist after wearing. It shall hold your Wrist safely and freely.
    - It shall prevent from 2nd damage as providing regular supporting power on the Wrist.
  • 4-ways Hi-prene material
    - It shall provide proper pressure on the joint and stretches to 4ways (up & down, right & left) like skin.
    - This material is soft, elastic and tensible.
    - It shall induce sweating within 2-3hours after wearing and is goods to circulate the blood
    - NEO Wrist Strong is made with harmless Hi-prene.
  • Wearing sensation Good! Non-slip
    - NEO Wrist Strong is crossed design and it is custom-made type support. 
    - NEO Wrist Strong is designed not to make discomfort on the weak part of the wrist for a long time.
  • Separable double belt
    - Double structured NEO Wrist Strong is design to adjust supporting power on the wrist and it is separable.
    - NEO Wrist Strong is made with velcro tape and it is easy to be used because velcro tape can be attached on any position.
  • - Harmless fabric
    - Fabric with durable adhesive force 
    - Design for all shape of wrist 
    - Double belt : Control pressure comfortably
    - Physical properties, Elasticity, Restoration force, Adhesive force 99.8%
    - Do not slip down

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