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harga Blue Cross Set Resusitator Manual Dewasa ACR-33P

Blue Cross Set Resusitator Manual Dewasa ACR-33P

Berat: 2.0 kg Brand: Blue Cross SKU: 50300UKS

Dijamin original dan bergaransi

Patient over 40 kg :Resuscitator, Adult

Patient 10 - 40 kg :Resuscitator, Child

Patient under 5 kg :Resuscitator, Infant


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Deskripsi Blue Cross Set Resusitator Manual Dewasa ACR-33P

BLUE CROSS Silicone Resuscitators are a range of Basic Sets and Complete Sets. They are available in either a Presentation Box, a Soft Clear Case or a Hard Clear Plastic Case. Please see information below for details. New type Silicone Resuscitators are used worldwide by healthcare professionals and first responders at a wide range of sites - from emergency treatment in hospitals and ambulances, to military facilities, schools and factories, to first aid stations and accident sites in the mountains, at the beach or on board ship.The Resuscitation Bag requires minimum pressure to be compressed and, due to its design, quickly recovers its shape, so as not to cause operational fatigue, even after extended continuous use. The bag can be folded compactly to fit into a small storage case. The Child/Infant Resuscitation Valve Unit provides an extra degree of safety by incorporating a Pressure Release Valve to protect child and infant patients from the risk of excess air pressure while being resuscitated. If the patient starts to breath unassisted, this new design of Resuscitation Valve will adjust, with minimum resistance, to the patient's needs. If the patient requires high-density oxygen, an Oxygen Reservoir System Unit can be attached to the Resuscitator, and if the oxygen supply is insufficient, air for the patient will automatically enter the Resuscitation Bag.

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