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harga Yazumi Oxygen Concentrator

Yazumi Oxygen Concentrator

Berat: 20.0 kg Brand: Yazumi SKU: 71000NIB No Registrasi: AKL 20403027384

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Flow Rate: Variable 1 - 10 LPM in 1/2 liter increments
Size: 26"H x 14.7"W x 19"D
Weight: 57-lbs

Harga Yazumi Oxygen Concentrator :

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Deskripsi Yazumi Oxygen Concentrator

The IntegraTEN oxygen concentrator incorporates proven pressure swing adsorption principles into a unique patented ATF design which is far more efficient and reliable than conventional oxygen concentrators.

The Integra oxygen concentrator features a single ATF oxygen module that replaces over 200 components found in conventional oxygen concentrators. A patented single rotary distribution valve built into the ATF module is continuously rotated at low speed by a precision synchronous motor. The valve is maintenance-free, self-cleaning, insensitive to contamination, and invulnerable to wear. It sequentially directs the flow of compressed air to a group of four sieve beds (adsorption), while at the same time another four beds are purged into the atmosphere through the valve (desorption). The remaining four of the twelve beds are interconnected through the valve to equalize pressure as the sieve beds sequentially transition between adsorption and desorption. In contrast to a conventional concentrator, the small amplitude pressure swings generated by the Integra’s twelve beds eliminate loud noise impulses, the need for a pressure regulator, and reduce compressor wear.

No other system offers the quiet elegance and maintenance-free reliability of the Integra oxygen concentrator.

Integra Ten is the “High-Flow-Pro” with over 5 years of proven reliability. No conventional concentrator can match SeQual’s patented ATF performance. The cool running Integra is the perfect choice for providers and users, and now easier than ever to operate, clean, and service

Simplist keypad controls: On/Off and 02 increase/decrease arrows. Easy-to-read flow indicator eliminates patient concerns and phone calls to confirm flow rate.

Accurate, easy-read LCD flow indicator in ½ L increments. Alerts user if 02 hose becomes restricted. Delivers up to 10 LPM of continuous 02 with the security and convenience only a concentrator can provide.

Compact cabinet with integrated handle and four swivel casters makes movement easy. Essentially the same size, weight, and power consumption as a 5 LPM machine.

Noise level for the 115VAC device is 53.3 db and the 230VAC is 52.3 db.


Flow Rate: Variable 1 - 10 LPM in 1/2 liter increments
Size: 26"H x 14.7"W x 19"D
Weight: 57-lbs

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