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harga Box Obat Transpor B Medical Systems RCW 8

Box Obat Transpor B Medical Systems RCW 8

Berat: 80.0 kg Brand: Dometic SKU: 8WCR-TBOXOB-DEMB No Registrasi: AKL 20209711450

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Cold Box RCW-8 - Dometic For The Transport Of Vaccine Supplied with ice-packs; Ice-packs must be arranged according to an exact plan to ensure good circulation of cold air via the roto-moulded ribbing in the sides of the box.

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Deskripsi Box Obat Transpor B Medical Systems RCW 8

Transport Containers specially designed to meet the requirements for the transport of temperature sensitive materials such as blood, vaccines, plasma and pharmaceutical products. Capacities range from 2 to 40 x 300ml blood bags.

The special transport boxes, made from rotationally moulded polyethylene (a virtually indestructible material), feature an extremely sturdy casing that is corrosion resistant and almost impervious to external forces caused by bumps and falls etc.
The insulating foam injected into the double walls ensures the containers maintain stable temperature even at higher ambient temperatures. All transport boxes can be easily and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with conventional disinfectants. There are no inaccessible corners or areas inside the transport systems.

The clasps on the lids can be tamper-sealed or fitted with locks to protect against unauthorised access during transport. Document holders are provided for safe storage of transport documents.

For maximum holdover time the containers utilise ice packs frozen to -20°C as their means of refrigeration. The boxes can also be used in conjunction with eutectic packs for shorter transport stages, allowing transport at +4°C for blood and pharmaceuticals , +22°C for platelets and -30°C for frozen plasma.


  • Model: RCW-8
  • Vaccine Storage Capacity: 5, 3 Liter
  • Ext. Dimension ( HxWxD) : 435 x 290 x 590 mm
  • Int. Dimension ( HxWxD) : 245 x 160 x 460 mm
  • WHO Specification: E4 / CB.4
  • Cold Life: in 43° C
  • Without Openning 49, 5 hours
  • Weight Fully Loaded: 19 Kg
  • Weight Empty: 7 Kg
  • Vendor / Merek: Dometic
  • Made in: Luxemburg
  • Warranty Limited: one year

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