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PROMPT Flex - Standard

Berat: 13.5 kg Brand: Limbs Things SKU: GCC00004

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  • Suitable for use with Simulated/Standardized Patient
  • Realistic pelvic floor
  • Articulating thighs for McRobert’s procedure

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PROMPT Flex - Standard
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Deskripsi PROMPT Flex - Standard

Launched in 2015 with improved anatomy, durability and functionality, the new PROMPT Flex Standard has a modular design allowing for numerous training scenarios. It is an ideal training solution for all skills relating to routine and difficult deliveries, and can be used for both hybrid simulation and stand-alone bench top training.

Skills Gained:

  • Training and practice in the following types of birth: 
    • Normal 
    • Vaginal breech 
    • Shoulder dystocia 
    • Vaginal assisted (forceps and vacuum devices)
    • Third stage of labor

  • Cord prolapse
  • Urinary catheter placement
  • IM injection 

Product Anatomy:

  • Birth canal and cervix
  • Ischial spines and pubic bone
  • Gynaecoid pelvis
  • Articulating thighs
  • Fully articulated baby with clavicles, fontanelles, flexible head and detachable umbilical cord and placenta

Product Qualities: 

  • Suitable for use with Simulated/Standardized Patient
  • Realistic pelvic floor
  • Articulating thighs for McRobert’s procedure
  • Stretchable perineum
  • Soft, flexible birthing canal
  • Additional modules available to extend training:
    • Post Partum Hemorrhage management
    • C-section
    • Cervical dilation and effacement
  • Optional lower legs available for all fours position
  • Skin washable with soap and water

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