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harga Soft Tissue Retaining Set

Soft Tissue Retaining Set

Berat: 3.8 kg Brand: Limbs Things SKU: GCG00003

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For securing synthetic soft tissue components used in intermediate surgical training and laparoscopic trainers.

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Soft Tissue Retaining Set
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Deskripsi Soft Tissue Retaining Set

For securing synthetic soft tissue components used in intermediate surgical training and laparoscopic trainers.

Product Qualities:

  • Variable slope jig allows practice of surgical skills at varying angles for more realistic and/or difficult presentation of components
  • Provides for structured and staged learning 

  • Easy-to-use and versatile: sucker feet allow for easy positioning and removal on smooth surfaces
  • Can be fitted into other laparoscopic boxes/trainers 
  • Hardwearing
  • Retaining clips recommended for use on a smooth work surface or on the variable slope jig to stabilize synthetic bowel, arteries and veins and flat pads
  • Easy to clean

You will receive:

  • 1 Variable slope jig
  • 4 Retaining clips

Why Limbs & Things?

Limbs & Things is a company that manufactures medical training products for healthcare professionals and students worldwide. We are committed to working in close collaboration with clinicians from across the globe to produce realistic task trainers, that enable the learning and practice of essential clinical and surgical skills, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

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