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harga Masker Oksigen Konsentrasi Tinggi Anak

Masker Oksigen Konsentrasi Tinggi Anak

Berat: 0.3 kg Brand: Non Change SKU: 97000PMA

Dijamin original dan bergaransi

Jenis : Masker Oksigen

Tipe : Konsentrasi Tinggi

Brand : Non-Change

Kategory : Anak

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Harga Masker Oksigen Konsentrasi Tinggi Anak :

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Deskripsi Masker Oksigen Konsentrasi Tinggi Anak

Target oxygen saturations are 94-98% for most patients or 88-92% for patients at risk of type 2 respiratory failure (e.g. patients with COPD). Oxygen must be prescribed and delivered by a trained individual.

When oxygen is given, you should record the patient's oxygen saturation, oxygen delivery device and amount of oxygen delivered (in L/min or %O2) in the patient's notes. In most hospitals oxygen and other gases are delivered by wall ports with variable flow rates. Usually the flow rate ranges from 0.5-15 L/min.

Allow 5 minutes at a particular level of oxygen before increasing or decreasing the amount delivered to allow the patient's oxygen saturations to stabilise. Once the patient's oxygen saturations improve, the oxygen therapy should be titrated down slowly and then stopped

High Concentration Reservoir Mask

This mask is also known as a 'non-rebreather' mask. It is mainly used for critically ill patients and those who are recovering from cardiac or respiratory arrest. The mask must use oxygen supplied at 15 L/min to deliver a variable oxygen concentration between 60-80%. Before attaching the mask to the patient the resevoir bag must be filled with oxygen by pushing on the valve inside the mask.

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