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harga Laringoskop Set Sturdy and Topster

Laringoskop Set Sturdy and Topster

Berat: 2.5 kg Brand: Sturdy and Topster SKU: 16000NIB

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Fiber optic light produces a cold brighter illumination

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Deskripsi Laringoskop Set Sturdy and Topster

Specially-developed for emergency-use featuring. Disposable Laryngoscope Blades. These sets are equipped with XP blades of the same anatomically-correct shape as the Classic+ blade, the world's best-selling F.O. blade with integrated fiber optic bundle. Emergency Laryngoscope Set is complete with the 5 most frequently-used blade types and sizes for infants and adults. Instantly-ready for use with F.O. SP Handle and replaceable batteries. Medical Tools Laryngoscopes are simply specialized torches with a handle containing the batteries and a bulb, while blade has fiberoptic tube which transfer cold light. The Medical Tools brand ensures that the item is safe for use in anaesthesia/resuscitation for endotracheal intubation. Macintosh type curved blades are available in dull finish hence reduce reflections. handles use type C battery that last longer.

  • Fiber optic light produces a cold brighter illumination
  • Blades adaptable to any GREEN SPECIFICATION fiber optic system
  • High tensile strength handle and disposable blades suitable for CPR and anesthetic operation procedure
  • Single-piece stainless steel construction ensures blade integrity
  • Removable light pipe and smooth surface design
  • Blades are upgradeable to fiber optic and repairable at a fraction of the cost of replacement blades
  • Free blade repolishing service ensures long life

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