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harga Flexicare Laringoskop IntegraBlade

Flexicare Laringoskop IntegraBlade

Berat: 0.4 kg Brand: Flexicare SKU: 63000NIB

Dijamin original dan bergaransi

Single use individual sterile pack

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Harga Flexicare Laringoskop IntegraBlade :

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Deskripsi Flexicare Laringoskop IntegraBlade

The integrated fibre optic within the body of the IntegraBlade makes the structure seamless, therefore reducing the risks of contamination or foreign bodies becoming trapped.

Reduced Risk of Soft Tissues Injury
Rounded tip and edges provides gentle touch on patients soft tissues.

Positive Locking System
The triple sprung ball bearing design creates a
secure and strong fit to all green spec handles.

Enhanced Vision
Bright focused high intensity illumination with a true fibre optic shrouded bundle.

Reduced Risk of Damaging Patient Teeth
Low profile design on both Mac & Miller blades.

Eliminates Risk of Cross-Infection
Single use individual sterile pack.

Wide Choice
Full range of Mac & Miller Blades with a lower overall cost than reusable purchase, maintenance, cleaning and sterilization costs.


  • Type of endoscope:

    Macintosh laryngoscope

  • Shaft:

    with blade

  • Options and accessories:

    single use

New Disposable Laryngoscope combo with LED illumination source. This handle is with pre-installed batteries inside and works for 1 hour continuously. It also can be store for min 6 months in stock. 

Diskusi Flexicare Laringoskop IntegraBlade

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