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Rescue Kit

Berat: 4.9 kg Brand: Mico SKU: 30000BDH

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  1. Class 0 Gloves to IEC 60903
  2. Insulated LV rescue hook

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Rescue Kit
Ambu Bag Dewasa PVC MPM
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Deskripsi Rescue Kit

The Tech Safety Lines’ ARK® enables just one person to successfully perform a rescue in minutes! This versatile rescue system can be adapted to any emergency at height:

  • Direct: The victim is easily accessible
  • Remote: The victim is suspended out of reach
  • Pick-Off: The rescuer accompanies the victim to the ground

The ARK® features:

  • Adaptable components
  • The RopeRider®, a dual brake, easy to use controlled descender – Certified by UL
  • An efficient 6:1 mechanical advantage
  • Customized rope length
  • The ARK® is rated for a two-person descent

Used for safe rescue of victims of electric shock or other injuries when working on LV switchboards in electricity supply and industrial substations. For maximum 1000 V application.

NOTE: Not approved for rescue from MV or HV switchboards.


  • High quality fibreglass Rescue Hook tested and rated for LV use
  • High quality torch (battery supplied)
  • High visibility carry bag
  • Meets electricity supply utility requirements

Used for

  • Locating and isolating supply
  • Protecting the rescuer
  • Retrieving the victim
  • Providing essential first aid 


  1. Class 0 Gloves to IEC 60903
  2. Insulated LV rescue hook
  3. Torch (with battery)
  4. Multi-trauma dressing
  5. Fire blanket 1800 x 1200 mm to AS 3504
  6. Isolation sign

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