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harga Meja Ginekologi Sturdy and Topster

Meja Ginekologi Sturdy and Topster

Berat: 180.0 kg Brand: Sturdy and Topster SKU: 35000NIB

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Spine Frame attachment
Hand surgery attachment

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Harga Meja Ginekologi Sturdy and Topster :

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Deskripsi Meja Ginekologi Sturdy and Topster

Our range of hydraulic operating table or operation theater tables are designed to provide accurate positioning with an easy mechanical operation. These tables are ideal for use in all the major surgical process that requires precision. The table is adjusted with the help of heavy duty leak-proof hydraulic pump concealed in stainless steel covered chamber. We offer hydraulic operating cylinders in different models based on the requirements of the clients.

Features :

  • Five section table top gives ease for various surgical positions
  • Base & coloumn cover are covered with 304G stainless steel to ensure high durability & hygiene for the operation room
  • Leg section & Head section interchangeable
  • Radio-translucent top provides easy convenience for xray procedures
  • Interchangeable Head and Leg section

Mechanical Movement :

  • Flex-Reflex
  • Lateral tilt
  • Trendlenburg /Reverse Trendlenburg
  • Leg rest
  • Head rest
  • Kidney bridge
  • Floor lock
  • Hi-Lo

Standard Accessories :

  • Five section mattress :- 1 set
  • Anesthetist Screen :- 1 PCS
  • Padded Lateral Support :- 2 PCSD
  • Padded Lateral Support :- 2 PCS
  • Padded Lithotomy crutches :- 2 PCS
  • Padded Arm rest :- 2 PCS
  • Drive handle :- 1 PCS

Technical Specification :

  • Overall Length of the table :- 1950mm
  • Overall width of the table :- 530mm
  • Minimum height of the table :- 780mm
  • Maximum height of the table :- 1030mm
  • TB/RTB :- 40 degree
  • Flex/Reflex :- 80/220 degree
  • Side Tilt :- 22 degree
  • Kidney section :- 125 mm manually
  • Leg Plate :- 90 degree Down
  • Hi-Low Lift :- hydraulic
  • Head Section :- 90 degree Down / 70 degree up

Optional Accessories

  • Orthopedic Attachment
  • Neuro Attachment (Mayfield, Sugita, Horse shoe)
  • Spine Frame attachment
  • Hand surgery attachment

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