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harga Emergency Kit Trauma Kit

Emergency Kit Trauma Kit

Berat: 30.0 kg Brand: Mico SKU: 92900UKS

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Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

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Emergency Kit Trauma Kit
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Deskripsi Emergency Kit Trauma Kit

Product Overview

The ideal kit for first responder for road traffic accident. This Kit contents medical equipment which is stored in four transparant modul pockets in different colors to indentify inside the pockets easily.
The bags are designed with interesting glaring color and practical, easy to carry with hold by hands or wear over shoulder. The bags are equipped with 3M reflective tape so it is easy to recognize and can be seen in the dark.


  • Diagnostic : Aneroid Sphygmomanometer, Dual Head Stethoscope, Diagnostic Penlight
  • Wound Care : Alcohol Swab, Wound Dressing, Sterile Gauze Pad, Bandage & Sanitary Materials, Cotton Balls, Disinfectant, Adhesive Plaster, Adhesive Tape.
  • Immobilization : Triangular Bandage, Safety Pin
  • Burn Kit : Burn Gel
  • Sharp Tools : Bandage Scissor, Utility Scissor, Pean Straight, Pean Mosquito,Tweezer, Disposable Glove

Being prepared with emergency preparedness supplies for every student is a critical component in keeping them safe durring emergencies. Every school needs to have on-site emergency supplies to accomodate all students in the event of a disaster. A Student Emergency Kit is the easiest way to distribute supplies to students when disaster strikes. Student Kits are convenient to store and even easier to distribute. A Student Emergency Kit can be stored is each student's cubby or desk, in a classroom storage room or cabinet, or centrally located in a storage room at the school.

This CollegePack Emergency Kit provides 1 college student with essential emergency supplies to last 3 days. Emergency supplies are contained in a ballistic nylon pouch with a see through top. This compact dorm room emergency kit can easily be stored in a student's desk drawer or other small storage area. Supplies include emergency food and water, N-95 dust mask, emergency survival blanket, and hand squeeze LED flashlight, and an roll of emergency toilet paper! This CollagePack also comes with an Emergency Contact Wallet Card, and a comprehensive Student Emergency Information Card.

The emergency food and water in this student kit has a 5-year shelf life and is approved by the United States Coast Guard. The Emergency Food is ready to eat and requires no preparation. Each food bar is divided into 6 premeasured 400 calorie meals. The non-thirst provoking food bar has a pleasant flavor and are enriched with vitamins and minerals that exceed RDA recommendations. They hold up in extreme temperatures of between -40° F and 300°F (-40°C to 149°C) and contain no cholesterol or tropical oils. In addition, this food bar is safe for vegetarians and those allergic to nuts, it's also Kosher and meets the dictates for Halal. In other words, this food bar is safe for everyone.

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