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harga BLS Kit with Standard Bag FAB BLL

BLS Kit with Standard Bag FAB BLL

Berat: 26.0 kg SKU: 95000NEP

Dijamin original dan bergaransi

1000 denier nylon

Waterproof bottom

Eleven interior compartments

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Harga BLS Kit with Standard Bag FAB BLL :

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Deskripsi BLS Kit with Standard Bag FAB BLL

Contains everything you need to provide basic life-saving care to a patient. Housed in a Dyna Med Mega-Medic Bag featuring water-resistant 1000 denier nylon with a waterproof bottom, 11 interior compartments, two zippered outer side-compartments for bulkier items and two zippered mesh storage pockets on the lid. Additional supplies, such as a Mini-Mag ®, disposable foam blanket and OB kit are included to make sure you are prepared for any situation.

  • 1000 denier nylon
  • Waterproof bottom
  • Eleven interior compartments
  • Two outer side compartments and two mesh pockets on lid
  • 10"H x 21"W x 13-1/2"D; 2,835 cubic inches
  • USA/Imported

Subdued black with low reflectivity and no Star of Life,
all other colors include reflective Star of Life on bag top flap.

Deluxe BLS Kit Contents
Airway Burn
1 CPR Mask 1 Burn Sheet
1 Bag Valve Mask 1 Burn Pad (4" x 4")
1 Airway Kit 22-32 Fr Equipment & Supplies
Dressings & Bandages 1 First Aid Booklet
16 Bandages (1" x 3") 2 Small Cold Packs
2 Abdominal Pads (5" x 9") 1 Disposable Foam Blanket
1 Trauma Dressing (12" x 30") 1 Space Blanket
10 Gauze Pads (3" x 3") 10 Ammonia Inhalants
20 Gauze Pads (4" x 4") 10 Sting and Bite Swab Kit
2 Blood Stoppers 1 Insta-Glucose (31 g)
2 Gauze Rolls (4" NS) 1 Activated Charcoal
2 Gauze Rolls (3" NS) 1 Cervical Collar
10 PVP Iodine Wipes 1 OB Kit
10 Alcohol Wipes 1 Personal Protection Kit
10 Antimicrobial Wipes 10 Pair Nitrile Gloves
1 Waterproof Tape (1") 1 Eye Wash (4 oz)
1 Waterproof Tape (½") 1 SAM Splint (4" x 36")
1 Elastic Bandage (3") 1 Mini Mag Flashlight
1 Elastic Bandage (4") 1 BP/Stethoscope
2 Triangular Bandages 1 Instrument Pack
4 Eye Pads Shears
2 Kerlix (4½") Bandage Scissors
1 Petroleum Gauze (3" x 9") Penlight
10 Antibiotic Ointment (½g) Kelly Forceps
  Splinter Forceps

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