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harga Air Splint Kit Standard 4 Size SPL-ARS

Air Splint Kit Standard 4 Size SPL-ARS

Berat: 6.0 kg Brand: Pentamed SKU: 93000NEP

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 Made on a flexible

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Deskripsi Air Splint Kit Standard 4 Size SPL-ARS

Our inflatable air splint has a long list of strengths. It is easy to apply and remove. It has a push-pull valve for hassle-free inflation. It's x-ray transparent. And it es with an available zipper closure. Bottom line: this air splint provides strong and reliable support for fractured or broken bones. Plastic pressure splints for fractures broken crushed or burned extremities. Easy to use and economical. Versatile and simple to use Air Splints are used to immobilize arm and leg fractures, with uniform pressure on the limb and to guarantee stability and comfort for the patient. A unique characteristic of these inflatable splints is the zipper. Made on a flexible, plastic support which allows for HFW onto a PVC sheet; this process of production gives the splint a strong and long-lasting hold. A careful selection of materials makes Air Splint extremely lightweight, anti-allergenic and transparent, allowing the observation of the injured limb. The pressure in the air chamber can be controlled by inflating or deflating air, through the valve. X-rays can be carried out without removing the splints.

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