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harga Aquapick AQ 302 Jet Tip

Aquapick AQ 302 Jet Tip

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Replacement 4 pack of Jet Tips for the AQ – 300.

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Deskripsi Aquapick AQ 302 Jet Tip

Product Description
Replacement 4 pack of Jet Tips for the AQ – 300.

Aquapick is all about Gum Health
Floss in just 70 seconds with the Premium water flosser from Aquapick. 1800 pulsations per minute. Fast, Easy and Gentle. Good oral care has never been so easy. The best way to look after your gums. Recommended by Dentists and Dental Hygienist. Aquapick is clinically proven to be more effective than string floss and internal brushes. Ideal for those with implants, crowns, bridges, Orthodontic Braces and retainer wires. Flossing has never been so easy.
Up to 100psi our AQ - 300 New Aquapick has 12 pressure setting and is recommended for family use. Children as young as 5 years old can start to use Aquapick to floss.
Aquapick Effective Gentle and Fast. You will not believe the feeling of clean.

Do you have sensitive Gums do your gums bleed when brushing?
This can be caused by Gingivitis. Gingivitis is very common, it’s just not healthy and gingivitis can lead on to more destructive gum disease. Gingivitis can be the cause of bad breath.
Using Aquapick can displace the bacteria and flush it, the high pulsation rate of Aquapick increases circulation in the gums. Circulation within the gum tissue increases gum health and thus strengthening Alveolar bone structures that provide support to the teeth.

Aquapick can help, Quick, Easy and Gentle.

Bad Breath, Bleeding Gums, Aquapick can help.

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